Manage Caller ID

Your trunk should allow you to send your Caller ID

The priority of caller id number in system is

  1. Caller ID in Trunk (when it's forced)
  2. Agent Caller ID(when agent login)
  3. Campaign Caller ID(when agent login)
  4. Device Caller ID
  5. Trunk Caller ID

Phone System

  • Always use a specific caller id for the trunk

System will always use the caller id for a specific trunk, all outgoing calls via the trunk will use this caller id

Phone System

  • some device need its own caller id

Call Center

  • each agent want his own caller id

when login to agent from a device, the outgoing calls from the device will use the caller id of the agent, otherwise it still uses device caller id

Outsourcing Call Center

  • each campaign will has its own caller id

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