Feature Codes

In asterCC IP PBX, we have feature codes and hot keys, feature codes means you can dial when your phone is on hook, hot keys means you can dial during a call.

The key can be modified as you need

Besides Voicemail, Transfer Config, you can have following useful features:

  • *61 call pick up: When other extension ringings in same account group, you can dial *61 to pick up the call, if no account group is configured, it means it can pick up any calls in its team
  • *62 play the extension number
  • *64 agent login, use this extension to login as agent, when you login, you need enter agent number and agent password, then you can choose if you want to log into a specific agent group or all agent groups you belongs to
  • *65 agent logout, log out from all agent groups it belongs to
  • *73 call back the latest number
  • *67 enable DND
  • *68 disable DND
  • *69 switch agent to normal mode (outbound/inbound)
  • *71 switch agent to outbound mode, in this mode, queue would not send calls to this agent
  • *72 switch agent to inbound mode, in this mode, agent could not dial out

For useful hot key we have

  • *81 Skip DNC and dial, when the number you dialed is in Do Not Call list, system will give the prompt that you are not allowed to dial the number, but if you know this code, you can dial the code then system will dial anyway
  • *51 Blind Transfer(Device Mode)
  • *52 Attent-Transfer(Device Mode)
  • *54 Consult to agent number(Agent Mode)
  • *55 Consult to phone number(Agent Mode)

There are tips in GUI

  • Use “Esc” you can close the current window
  • Use “Ctrl+Z” in agent portal, system will show the dial panel
  • Use “Ctrl+Left” in agent campaign portal, you can fold/unfold the west panel (campaign list)
  • Use “Ctrl+Down” in agent campaign portal, you can fold/unfold the south panel (survey)
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