Call webservice in IVR

Use result return by webservice for IVR transfer

We will instruct a business members service IVR flows, and will call a webserivce for checking the card number which customer enter from IVR.

Create the IVR flows

  • upload the announcement voices

Go to Advanced/Announcements page , and click “ADD” button to add a main ivr flow.

  • create IVR

Go to Advanced/IVR page , and click “ADD” button to add a main ivr flow. add a main flow, max loop times set to 3.

first action need to answer the call.

second, add a readdata action(play a announcment and receive customer enter)

set the transfer condition, if caller have no customerid , the annoucement tell him enter the '#', else enter his customer id, so if ivr reiceived '#', we transfer the call to the queue named “Other”, if reiceived the 'customer id', then transfer a sub flow that let customer confirm them entered customer id.

add sub flow for replay and confirm customer id

add sub flow for call the webservice

Add the DID number

  • add a special incoming DID number

Go to PBX/DID page , and click “ADD” button

Create inbound route

go to Advanced/Inbound routes page, and click the “Add” button select the special DID, and choose the main ivr from transfer.

php webservice sample

checkcustomer.php and checkcustomer.wsdl

function checkcustomerid($callerid,$customerid)

		#$dbCon = $this->dbConnect();
		if(empty($customerid)){# customerid is empty
			return 'Failure|'.$customerid."|TESTSTR";
		#$sql = "SELECT * FROM customers WHERE id = '$customerid'";
		#$ref = mysql_query($sql) or die('-9');
		#$res = mysql_fetch_array($ref);
		if($customerid == '123456'){ # found the customer by customerid
			return "Enterprise|".$customerid."|TESTSTR";
		}elseif($customerid == '789'){
			return "SMB|".$customerid."|TESTSTR";  # cant found the customer by customerid
			return "Other|".$customerid."|TESTSTR";

get customer enter form astercc event

if your custom page is using our framework, you can read Embed System under Same Domain if not , you can get from http push event how to use http_push sampl page to receive system events

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