Bind Domain and Team

asterCC is a hosting system that offers multiple customers services. Each customer manages by team, so that each team will has its own identification.

when softphones register to the server, the format of the username is Team-extension, like astercc-5000

By default, when a user logs in the system, he has to choose his team. In most cases, we do not want users to see all teams in the system.

And the binding domain function of the system solved this problem.

First, enable this function. Edit the /etc/astercc.conf file on the server, find login_route = team and delete the 注释标志, and enable it.

If the domain is used for login the system directly, as shown in the picture, you will see only the systemadmin login, which means only the users of the system users can log in through this page.

And if you would like to log into a specific team, you can use the address (astercc is the identification for this team) or (sonicwell is the identification for this team) or the SLD parsed to this host

The user can see the team name on the login page.

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