Astercc is a contact center system. It provides powerful customer relationship management (CRM) functions, including features that we often use— like inbound / outbound missile screen, call recording, interactive voice menu (IVR), and call queues. Basically, with astercc, you can record every customer call. When calls come in, the customer contact information and historical contact records can appear on the screen. Also, the design of an interactive voice menu (IVR) can provide you with self-service inquiries. In addition, with the use of reporting tools, you can quickly extract key information from thousands of calls. Finally, astercc also offers a variety of practical tools, such as the setting and reminder of tasks, enterprise publicity through phone calls, SMS and email, and map or paths check through Google map.

If you already have your own operation system, we can also integrate our system into yours1). For example, if you want the customer information to be shown through your system, by using the secondary development interface of astercc, you can easily achieve that.

For Internet Service Provider (ISP), astercc is the best choice offered to for you to carry out new businesses. Astercc supports SAAS mode whether functioning as a call center or a private branch exchange (PBX). One system is able to serve multiple customers.

For quick information, you can read astercc call center quick feature list

Astercc Commercial consists of the following parts:

Account and Permission System

It offers features of account authentication and permission control, enabling multiple-level system structure. For each account, different permission control can be set flexibly.


IP PBX is a free system offering voice communication functions including routing, billing, recording, IVR and concall. If you purchase astercc commercial, these functions are available for free. All the following function modules are included:

  • Trunks and trunk groups
    • to make free international calls to the U.S. through Gtalk
    • to reduce the expenses of international calls through VoIPStunt
  • Dial-in and dial-out trunk
    • the circular use of different trunks
  • Call service group
  • Ring group
  • Billing settings
    • to configure rate for user & team billing
  • Account group
    • to limitation of calling
  • IVR
    • to build a voice mark-checking system through astercc
    • to configure the scoring of agents through webservice
  • Conference room
    • to efficiently use the concall system
  • Bill
    • to configure the system to send bills every month automatically
  • Call records and voice recordings
  • Statistics and reports
  • Solutions
    • the telephone network forming of multiple enterprises
    • concall system operating solution
    • VoIP telephone operating solution
  • Successful cases
    • a company in Dalian lowered its cost by using astercc

Office applications

Here is another free module offering daily used applications:

  • Group sending messages(SMS & email)
    • to configure the email group sending
    • to configure the sending interface of SMS
  • Plans and tasks
    • to make a working plan and set a mail reminder
  • Workflow
    • to configure and use workflow
  • Knowledge base
  • Data importing
    • to import data
  • The control of call flows with the settings of the platform( click to call, Attended Calls, Transfer, Conference, Hangup, and Multiparty Calls )
    • to use these functions on the interface
  • Solutions
    • office automation (OA) solution of enterprises

Contact center

  • the management of agents and agent groups
  • send call events
    • to accept an event
  • reports and statistics
  • realtime agent statistics
  • the billing of agents
    • to bill agents
  • response the communication request (calls, attended call transfer, and multiparty calls)
    • to configure the interface to make calls
  • schedule the agents
  • score the agents
  • solutions:
  • succussful cases:
    • We have integrated sugarCRM in astercc commercial.
    • We have integrated vtigerCRM in astercc commercial.

Business applications

These applications developed are mainly based on the events and interface the contact center offers. We welcome cooperation from third parties. Your applications through our interface could enrich the current module. The module we provide now includes:

Call application

This is aimed at the call flow, allowing self-designed telephones intefrated into the system, such as TTS, STT. Or it can turn on/off the computer, the air conditioner or the heater etc after the phone is got through ( no open interface now). Available applications include:

  • astcc_queue: for pre-dial and other special adapted traffic distribution

Regular function description in Call Center

Use case


  • Terminal to support a variety of seating, including soft phone (SIP, IAX), IP phone (SIP), Gateway (SIP, IAX, MGCP), analog and digital voice cards
  • Multi-party call, and compared to the traditional call center systems support more than three astercc multi-call capability
  • Shared system, and a system can also provide services for different customers without affecting each other
  • Bench seating allows the use of a seat in the same situation for different customers using different business processes
  • Business processes using the framework of the check and call the event through javascript event communications to facilitate integration of third-party system or the secondary development
  • System provides a variety of interfaces, including click to call, email, SMS, tasks and reminders, and electronic maps google
  • Powerful survey system
  • Intelligent Predictive-Dialer
  • Built-in PBX functionality
  • Multi-level billing module: includes system rates, the team rates, terminal rates, multi-seat call rates and rates
  • Multi-language support, not only is the interface to support multiple languages, and all of the IVR systems and voice systems support multiple languages and broadcast regulations in line with the appropriate language and customs
  • Privilege system: system support for different roles to grant permissions on the operation of different modules

Online Demo

Online Demo address:

Download and install



  • Outline
  • User Management
    • Team Management
    • Account Management
    • Account Group Management
    • Agent Management
    • Agent group management
    • Role management
    • Privilege Management
  • PBX Management
    • Queue Management
    • Trunk
    • PBX Template
    • Device Management
    • Extension Manager
    • Blacklist
    • White List
    • Ringing group
    • Ring group extension
    • Rate Management
    • MOH(Music On Hold)
    • Inbound Voice Management
    • Inbound Route
    • Outbound routing
    • IVR
    • Audio Files
    • DID Group
    • DID
    • CDR(Call Records Detail)
    • Voice file management
  • Rate management
  • System log
    • Agent Accounts Management
    • Agent Accounting Adjustment
    • Customer contact history
    • Logs
    • Statistics
  • Business Management
    • Knowledge Base Categories
    • Knowledge base
    • Order Type
    • Order Management
    • Call Results Management
    • Phone Number Category Management
    • Task Manager
    • Task category management
  • Mass Message Sending
    • Management Information Template
    • Mass Sending
    • Messages in queue
    • Messageds sent
    • Message Archive
    • Internal Message
    • Send internal message
    • SMTP Server Management
  • Inbound Management
    • Inbound Customer Management
    • Inbound Customer Numbers
  • Outbound Campaign Management
    • Working Hours
    • Hours of work packages
    • Campaign Management
    • Outbound customer custom fields
    • Outbound for Personal Account
    • Outbound for Business
    • Outbound Customer Package
    • Customer data rollback
    • Outbound Results
    • Outbound contact Records
    • CDR of Campaigns
    • QC Management
    • Outbound statistics report
  • Survey
    • Survey Management
    • Survey answers Management
  • System
    • Online Agent
    • Online Users
    • Language Management
    • Search Fields Management
    • Import
    • Settings
    • System Information
    • Real-time Queue


Real case guidance

Custom Development Guide

Communicate via javascript, astercc with any browser-based system (B / S structure) is integrated to provide the interface can be divided into


Change Log

1) supports only the structure of Browser/Server
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