Useful reports in call center

asterCC commercial call center system provides a rich type of statistics reports, users can view the report according to their needs, and here we list some common useful reports.

Useful reports in outbound call center

Outbound call center is mainly concerned about the contract situation, agents efficiency and data usage.

Agent Statistics

  • This statistics provides agent work report, it could give all agents statistics in a campaign or several campaigns in a period of time

Inbound/Outbound Statistics

  • this report provides the call records for one agent or one device, it also provides the amount of all kins of call durtaion

Campaign statistics

  • Click campaignStatistics
  • System provides different reports based campaign, such as call result, success rate ..

Predictive dialer statistics

  • click dialerStatistics
  • this reports gives all data in a campaign using predictive dialer, provides a reference for our set of pre-dialing parameters

Predictive dialer filter log

  • We use dialer filter to move the number from customer package to dialer list, say we can add a automatic dialer which execute every 9am, it will recycle all answered customers who did not talk to agent to dialer, then the dialer would dial them again
  • click dialerfilter_log
  • this log provides how dialer filer work

Campaign data monitor report

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