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 +====== System Realtime Monitor======
 +Realtime Monitor of the call center to help managers and operators to better understand the system running situation, find problems, asterCC commercial call center system provides a full range of monitoring functions
 +===== Agent Work Status =====
 +  * In this page, the system provides a real-time & automatically updated table for reference, Click [[en:​module_manual:​realtime]] -> [[en:​module_manual:​realtime:​Live Monitor]]
 +  * System will list all check-in agents, the agent status include:
 +    * Idle
 +    * Ringing
 +    * Talking
 +    * ACW(After Call Work)
 +    * Additional Call (such as in conference, consult)
 +  * As system administrator,​ team administrator or any other accounts which have the priviledge, they can see all agents status in agent group
 +  * As a group admin of one agent group, they can see the status of his group from agent portal page
 +===== Trunk Usage =====
 +  * The trunk usage page provides all calls detail in each trunk, Click [[en:​module_manual:​realtime]] -> [[en:​module_manual:​realtime:​live_trunk]]
 +===== Current Agents =====
 +  * The system supports multi-browser login through the page, you can see detailed information about the agents on line, Click [[en:​module_manual:​realtime]] -> [[en:​module_manual:​realtime:​agents]]
 +===== Current Accounts =====
 +  * Same as above, the page you can see the logged-on user information,​ Click [[en:​module_manual:​realtime]] -> [[en:​module_manual:​realtime:​accounts]]
 +===== System Usage =====
 +  * This page provides the current system usage status, Click [[en:​module_manual:​realtime]] -> [[en:​module_manual:​realtime:​Usages]]
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