Import and Export


In import page, you can do

  • Import customers to a campaign
  • Import customers to the main table
  • Import to phone number attribute table
  • Import to black list
  • Import to do not call list

For import, go to call_center –> import, click “Click to Upload” button, upload the file you want to import(it's better to use csv file and make sure the file format is UTF-8), then select the table you want to import the data to, match the columns and the fields, if all are good, click “Import” button to start process.

for reference, check import

Import Page

Frame ①: The file waiting to upload, only support format: csv or xls

Frame ②: Select a team when the user has access to multiple teams

Frame ③: Select the table, it will give you all available tables, after the selection, it will list all fields of the table, if the field is mandatory when import, it will has a hint in red.

When a campaign is using the main table, it would not appear in the drop down menu, you need import to the main table

Frame ④: list the top 10 records from the file for reference

Frame ⑤: config which fields you want to import, the import time, the options when there're duplicated records. When the campaign has predictive dialer enabled, you can see a new drop down menu under each fields, so you can config which fileds to import to dial list, when you want to dial and the call priority in the dial list.

only select a table in frame ③, you can see these options in frame ⑤

Import data to customer package

In the system, we have two kinds of customer package,

  1. The main table: In the package, it only has customer information
  2. Regular customer package: In the package, it will have both customer information and all the others (like contact log)

so when a campaign is using main table, you have to import to main table first, then assign these records to the campaign.

Select the table from the drop down menu in frame ③, then configure the fields you want to import, if you want to import the numbers to predictive dialer list in a campaign, you can configure the “predictive dialer” fields

Import Data to Main Table

The customer packages of customer service module and campaign module which uses main table all employs the customer data from main table. Importing data to the main table will increase the customer base of the two modules.

Main table is main individiual table or main orginazition table, each team has its own main tables

In the import page, selece a team in the pull-down menu, and the main table of this team will be shown below, contains two options, “individual” and “orginazition”

In the red box ③ select a main table needs to be imported, and choose one from “individual” and “orginazition” to import.

Import data to mass target customer table

If you need to send email or sms to certain mass target customers, you shall import the customer data to the mass target customer table in the import table. When imported successfully, you can choose “mass target customer table” to send them emails or sms. Choose “mass target customer table” and you will see,

Import To Mass target customers table

The fields are email, phone, param0, param1, param2, param3…and flag. Among these, param0, param1…param9 are for replacing the parameters in the emails or sms with the parameters imported.

Import to area code

In area code table, you can put some information of the number, like the country and province information, you can manage these information from area_code manually, or you can import from a file import

Select `area code` table, you can see the following fields

Import To Area Code

  • Prefix : Prefix of the number
  • Country : You can put country which the the number belongs to
  • Province : You can put province which the the number belongs to
  • City : You can put city which the number belongs to
  • Vendor : The vendor of the number, like AT&T, China Mobile, etc.
  • Memo : Put some memo for the number

Import to DNC list

As for the customers in the system package, some may do not want to hear from the call center, so we need to avoid these customers. Thus, we need to put these customers in the black list to make sure their numbers will not be dialed.

Import is an efficient way to add batch customers into the blacklist. Also, you can manually add in the black_lists.

In the pull-down menu, select “Campaign blacklist” and you will see the following field , Import To Campaign Blacklist

“phone” and you can import in this page.

Import to black list

If you do not want some customers to call into the call center system again, you can put them in the blacklist in the blacklist.

Import is an efficient way to add batch customers into the blacklist.

In the pull-down box, choose “Black list” and you will see the following field, Import To Black List

“phone” and you can import in this page.

In Summary

Steps to import:

  • Upload the file
  • Select the table
  • Configure the fields
  • Click the “Import” button to create a import job
  • Check import status in import


Export can be either Click to export or Scuduled export

Click to export

In the system, you can set the file type of the export file (xls or csv) Set Export Type

  1. xls→ xls
  2. csv→ csv
  3. When choosing xls|csv, the export file will be xls.

Click the export button in the searching boxExport Button, and the information data of the searching result will be exported to the file.

Scheduled export

For mass data export, we need to give the export process to the system, and export from the system background.

Click the button and you will see, Set Export Time

You can also see other parameters in the time setting box. These are all related to the task import. You can edit them. Click ok and you can see,

Export just be in the set time

You can see that it will work after 20:00. This is to avoid agents and the exporting program working at the same time. When it is exporting, the customer table will be locked, and the agents can not read it. So when the agents do not work, we will let the exporting work then.

How to set the exporting time limit?

In the system, we can set the time limit here,

Set the export limit time

Click ok to built an export plan.

Export Job Create Successfully

The name of the file to be exported is generated in the green box.

After building the plan, you can check the excution progress in call_center –> shellexport. In most cases, it will take only about 2 minutes.

Export Job Page

In the picture above you can see the file exporting progree, and you can download after finishing.

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