How to Restrict the Incoming Calls‘ Number

Restrict the Number by Blacklists

Import Small Amounts of Telephone Number

Click [Advanced]→[Blacklists]→[Add],you should fill the restricted number first,select the team、account or extension that desire restrict this number.It means that acting on the all agents and accounts belong to team when you select the “Team” only,as follows:

After clicking the [Save] button,the 1531680 will be added to the “Blacklists” under the team.

Import Large Amounts of Telephone Number

If you need to restrict the amount of incoming numbers, these numbers can be imported via files whose format is .csv. Click [Call Center]→[Import],you should select the file to import,select team and the table named “Black List”. Click [Import] after finish the selecting,as follows:

then you can check the status of “Import Jobs” in [Call Center]→[Shell Jobs],as follows:

After the status turn to “Closed”,you can check the restricted telephone number imported in [Advanced]→[Blacklists],as follows:

Restrict the Number by Inbound Routes

If you need to restrict large number of the incoming number with the same characteristics,you can restrict them by the inbound routing,such as:Want to restrict the telephone number begin with 150 of the incoming call.

Click [Advanced]→[Inbound Routes]→[Add],you should set up “Team”,“CID Match”,“CID Target”,“Transfer”,“Trunk” and “Actionid(Busy or Hangup)“,as follows:

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