Do not call and Black list

Call Center needs to forbid the call between the customer and agent,inside DNC list and blacklist(Inbound Blacklist).


DNC list is used to forbid the Call Center to dial the customer which do not want to be dialed.

DNC list refer to DNC list

Add DNC By Import

Import DNC List refer to import,about import to DNC

Add DNC By Add On The Page

On the leftlist,click campaign –> DNC list,open the DNC list page,can see the follow page

Add DNC List


Blacklist is inbound blacklist,forbid the customer dialin the call center.Forbid to team,forbid to account or device

Blacklist refer to blacklist

Add blacklist data by import

Import to blacklist,refer to import,about import to blacklist

Add blacklist data by single

On the leftlist,[:en:module_manual:advanced]] –> blacklist,open the blacklist page,can see the follow page

Add Black List

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