Listen, download and backup of call recordings

In asterCC commercial call center system, all agent calls are being recorded, the recording directly saved on the server, the system services without additional recording equipment.

Listen, export of the call recordings

  • The system supports online play recording, users can listen to the recording in all cdr pages, in pbxcdrs, it gives all call records and recordings in system.
  • Different business module also provides a corresponding call records, due to different tasks using different call history table here to find a quicker and more convenient such as campaigncdrs, virtual_officecdrs, customer_servicecdrs
  • If it is called in a campaign, campaignquality_control is more commonly used to listen to the recording
  • The system can also control if agents could have permission to view their call records and recordings
  • These pages are available individually or batch download function conditional

Dowload call recordings

  • After requesting a recording export, user could go to call_centershell_exports, when system finish tar all the recording files, user could download the tar file online
  • For security, administrator could also disable online download feature.

Backup of the recordings

  • System supports automatic recording backup, go to systemrecording_backup, administrator could set the execution time and the saving path of the recording backup plan.

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