Auto Dialing

Auto dialing refers to in a campaign, system according to certain priorities, automatically dial the contact numbers assigned to the agent, Compared with the predictive dialing, auto dialing has the following advantages :

  • Agent could keep his customers
    • When auto dialing , the system will only call the “New” or “Pending” customers assigned with the agent.
  • Customers will not have to wait
    • The system will dial agent phone first, then dial customer only if agent answered, this could improve customer experience compared to predictive dialing.
  • Support scheduler call
    • Set a callback time for customers, upon arrival at appointment time within five minutes , system will start to dial the customer
  • Support for multiple numbers of customers
    • For multiple numbers of customers , when the first number is not answered, system will automatically dial the next number of the customer if he has.

Enable Auto Dial

  • Auto Dailing is provided by Campaign module, to enable auto dialing, you need to go to Campaign → Advanced, select “Auto” or “Optional” in dialway

  • Login as the agent, you will see the “Start to auto-dial” button

Obtain Customers

Since the auto dialing will only call the customers assigned to the agent in one campaign, so first you want to assign customers to agents

   * Agent get customer      * In a campaign, admin could configure if agent is allowed to get customers

  • each fetch indicates the maximum number of agent for each click on the “obtain customer” button to get to the number of customers from unassigned list.

     * agent max own indicates the maximum “New” customer number of agent when he tried to obtain, agent could not obtain new customers when his new customer number reach the this limit.

  • Assign by admin
    • Manually Assign

  • Automatically Assign

Dialing priorities

  1. Customer status is pending, scheduled time is 5 minutes more or less around current time, sort by scheduled time ascending
  2. Customer status is pending, scheduled time is more than 5 minutes behind current time (include 0000-00-00 00:00:00), sort by scheduled time and dialed times ascending
  3. Customer status is new, sort by dialed times and display order in agent page
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