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 ===== Live Monitor ===== ===== Live Monitor =====
-Login as group admin, then you will see agent'​s portal page, then go to Agent Monitor ​page+Login as group admin, then you will see agent'​s portal page, then go to "Group Admin",​ "​Live ​Monitor"
 {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_page.jpg?​768|Agent Monitor}} {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_page.jpg?​768|Agent Monitor}}
-在此页面可以对组内的坐席进行监控,查看每个坐席所在组的工作情况,可以点击开一个坐席,弹出一个界面,如下+On this page, it will give live status of each agent and agent group, you can click to open a agent, get a pop-up window, as follows
 {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_detail.jpg|Agent Monitor Detail}} {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_detail.jpg|Agent Monitor Detail}}
-在上图中可以查看到坐席的工作状况,可以对该坐席进行进行 ​**挂断**、**监听**、**强插**、**密语**、**强拆**、**强制置忙**、**强制置闲** 和 **强制签出** 操作+in the picture above, you can see agent status, and you can do **Hangup**、**Spy**、**Call barge**、**Whisper**、**Force release**、**Force pause**、**Force idle** and **Force logoff**
-**图框 ​①** 中可以看到当前该坐席的通话状态,分为 +**Frame ①** you can see the agent status, it has 
-  - 空闲中 ​说明当前坐席处于空闲状态,以 ​{{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_idleColor.jpg|Idle Color}} ​显示 +  - Idle Agent is idle, and ready to take calls, it uses color {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_idleColor.jpg|Idle Color}} 
-  - 振铃中 ​当前坐席通话中的一方处于振铃状态,可能是外呼,客户正在振铃,也可能是客户呼入,坐席正在振铃。以 ​{{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_notIdleColor.jpg|RInging Color}} ​显示 +  - Ringing ​When one of the call party is ringing (inbound or outbound), it uses color {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_notIdleColor.jpg|RInging Color}} 
-  - 通话中 ​当前坐席处于通话中。以 ​{{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_notIdleColor.jpg|Answered Color}} ​显示 +  - Busy When agent is in a conversation,​ it uses color {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_notIdleColor.jpg|Answered Color}} 
-  - 会议中 ​当前坐席正在进行会议。以 ​{{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_notIdleColor.jpg|Conference Color}} ​显示 +  - Conference ​When agent is in a conference, it uses color {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_notIdleColor.jpg|Conference Color}} 
-  - 暂停中 ​当前坐席暂停工作中,可能被组长强制暂停,也可能是坐席自己手动暂停。以 ​{{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_pauseColor.jpg|Pause Color}} ​显示 +  - Pause When agent is paused, it uses color {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_pauseColor.jpg|Pause Color}} 
-  - 话务处理 ​通话结束后,当前坐席正在进行话务处理。以 ​{{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_acwColor.jpg|ACW Color}} ​显示 +  - ACW When agent is in After Call Work, he would not receive calls, it uses color {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_acwColor.jpg|ACW Color}} 
-  - * *(咨询的坐席工号来电咨询振铃中 ​说明有其他坐席正在呼叫该坐席,需要咨询,咨询振铃中。以 ​{{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_notIdleColor.jpg|Incoming Consult Color}} ​显示 +  - * *(agent numberis calling for consult ​When there'​s other agent is calling this agent for consult, and it's ringing, it uses color {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_notIdleColor.jpg|Incoming Consult Color}} 
-  - * *(被咨询的坐席工号正在被 ​* *(咨询的坐席工号咨询中 ​当前坐席正在被其他的坐席咨询中。以 ​{{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_notIdleColor.jpg|Incoming Consulting Color}} ​显示+  - * *(agent numberis consulted by * *(agent number) : This agent is in a consult conversation with another agent, it uses color {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_notIdleColor.jpg|Incoming Consulting Color}}
-**图框 ​②** 显示的当前坐席的头像图片+**Frame ②** The avatar of the agent
-**图框 ​③** 显示的是当前坐席工号和当前坐席所属的用户名+**Frame ③** The agent number and username
-**图框 ​④** 可对当前监控的坐席进行操作的按钮,分为 ​**挂断****监听****强插****密语****强拆****强制置忙****强制置闲** 和 **强制签出**+**Frame ④** The action icon, it has **Hangup****Spy****Call Barge**,**Whisper**,**Force release**,**Force busy**,**Force idle** and  ​**Force logoff**
 <note important>​ <note important>​
-如果坐席未有通话,**挂断**、**监听**、**强插**、**密语**、**强拆** 均为灰色不可点击状态+If the agent is not in a call, **Hangup**、**Spy**、**Call Barge**、**Whisper**、**Force release** icon will be unusable
-如果当前从页面点击的坐席所在组中,为静态,那么该坐席将无法强制签出,强制签出按钮为灰色不可点击+When agent is static in the agent group, then **Force logoff** is not available
 </​note>​ </​note>​
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 To use **Spy**、**Call Barge**、**Whisper**、**Force release** , by default, it will use the extension number of the group admin. To use **Spy**、**Call Barge**、**Whisper**、**Force release** , by default, it will use the extension number of the group admin.
-**图框 ​⑤** 如果当前坐席有通话 那么会显示当前通话的号码,如果有咨询,那么会显示咨询的号码+**Frame ⑤** If there'​s a call, it will appear caller id, if it's a consult call, it will appear the number of consult party
-**图框 ⑥** 显示的是当前坐席签入的坐席组,可以修改当前坐席在每个组中的工作模式和话务模式+**Frame ** Display all agent groups of the agent logged in, group admin can change the work mode and ACW mode in the group
 +===== Predictive dialer =====
 +Group admin could control the predictive dialer of his group(s), config dialer strategy, recycle customer to dial list, start/stop the dialer
- +open [[:en:module_manual:dialer]] --> [[:en:module_manual:dialer:dialer]] to check all available dialer
-===== 预拨号 ===== +
-坐席组长可以对本组的预拨号进行管理,设置预拨号的策略,回收客户到预拨号列表中,开启或者关闭预拨号 +
- +
-打开 ​[[:zh:模块使用说明:预拨号]] --> [[:zh:模块使用说明:预拨号:拨号器]] 页面查看可以管理的预拨号,如下图+
 {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_dialerpage.jpg?​768|Dialer Page}} {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_dialerpage.jpg?​768|Dialer Page}}
-在此页面可以设置每个可以看到的预拨号的拨号策略参数 可以查看当前预拨号列表中的客户以及为预拨号列表回收客户 +In this page, group admin could change the dial strategy of each campaign, check customers in the dial list or recycle dialed numbers back to the dial list
- +
-参见 [[:​zh:​模块使用说明:​预拨号:​拨号器]] 页面的讲解+
-===== 报表统计 ===== +go to [[:​en:​module_manual:​dialer:​dialer]] for more information
 +===== Report Statistics =====
 +When the group admin role gets the privalidge to reports page, they can see the reports of their campaigns, ​
-===== 质检 ​===== +===== Quality Control ​===== 
-对本组内的坐席完成的客户需要进行质检工作,通常根据通话录音来审核坐席的工作情况+This is used to control the call quality, make sure agents use correct words when they talk to customers
-左侧列表 ​[[:zh:模块使用说明:外呼营销]] --> [[:zh:模块使用说明:外呼营销:质检管理]] 打开质检页面,可以看到需要质检的数据,如图+go to [[:en:module_manual:campaign]] --> [[:en:module_manual:campaign:qcpages]], there'​s a list for all calls waiting for quality control
 {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_qcpage.jpg?​768|QC Page}} {{:​en:​regular_function_description_in_call_center:​agent_monitor_qcpage.jpg?​768|QC Page}}
-参见 ​[[:zh:模块使用说明:外呼营销:质检管理]] 页面对于质检的介绍+check [[:en:module_manual:campaign:qcpages]] for more information
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