Supervisor features in the call center

In a call center, the supervisor's job is responsible for the daily work of the agents in his group, guidance and supervision and to generate statistical reports.

Live Monitor

Login as group admin, then you will see agent's portal page, then go to “Group Admin”, “Live Monitor”

Agent Monitor

On this page, it will give live status of each agent and agent group, you can click to open a agent, get a pop-up window, as follows

Agent Monitor Detail

in the picture above, you can see agent status, and you can do HangupSpyCall bargeWhisperForce releaseForce pauseForce idle and Force logoff

Frame ① you can see the agent status, it has

  1. Idle : Agent is idle, and ready to take calls, it uses color Idle Color
  2. Ringing : When one of the call party is ringing (inbound or outbound), it uses color RInging Color
  3. Busy : When agent is in a conversation, it uses color Answered Color
  4. Conference : When agent is in a conference, it uses color Conference Color
  5. Pause : When agent is paused, it uses color Pause Color
  6. ACW : When agent is in After Call Work, he would not receive calls, it uses color ACW Color
  7. * *(agent number) is calling for consult : When there's other agent is calling this agent for consult, and it's ringing, it uses color Incoming Consult Color
  8. * *(agent number) is consulted by * *(agent number) : This agent is in a consult conversation with another agent, it uses color Incoming Consulting Color

Frame ② The avatar of the agent

Frame ③ The agent number and username

Frame ④ The action icon, it has Hangup, Spy, Call Barge,Whisper,Force release,Force busy,Force idle and Force logoff

If the agent is not in a call, HangupSpyCall BargeWhisperForce release icon will be unusable

When agent is static in the agent group, then Force logoff is not available

  • Hangup Hang Up : Hangup all live calls of the agent
  • Spy Callspy : Spy the call, means group admin could hear the conversation, but neither agent or customer would hear group admin
  • Call Barge Callbarge : Group admin will join the conversation
  • Whisper Whisper : Talk to the agent, but customer would not hear
  • Forced release Force Release : Group admin will talk to the customer instead of agent, agent will hang up.
  • Forced pause Force Pause : Change agent status to “Pause”, agent would not receive any calls from the queue.
  • Forced idle Force Idle : Change agent status to “Idle”, agent would start receive calls from the queue.
  • Forced logoff Force Logoff : Log off the agent from a queue.

To use SpyCall BargeWhisperForce release , by default, it will use the extension number of the group admin.

Frame ⑤ If there's a call, it will appear caller id, if it's a consult call, it will appear the number of consult party

Frame Display all agent groups of the agent logged in, group admin can change the work mode and ACW mode in the group

Predictive dialer

Group admin could control the predictive dialer of his group(s), config dialer strategy, recycle customer to dial list, start/stop the dialer

open dialer –> dialer to check all available dialer

Dialer Page

In this page, group admin could change the dial strategy of each campaign, check customers in the dial list or recycle dialed numbers back to the dial list

go to dialer for more information

Report Statistics

When the group admin role gets the privalidge to reports page, they can see the reports of their campaigns,

Quality Control

This is used to control the call quality, make sure agents use correct words when they talk to customers

go to campaign –> qcpages, there's a list for all calls waiting for quality control

QC Page

check qcpages for more information

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