Step One :

Create a survey which is needed by the campaign, open the Survey Management list category in the left list ,you can see the Surveys link ,click it and you will see the page on the right and click the add button on the top. Add like this:

Fill in the surveyname (* required), click the save button to save the survey,then it will display in the list of survey page and add the content for this survey.

Step Two :

Create a campaign for popup,you need to change the list category to CallCenter Outbound ,open it and you will see the Campaigns link , click it and you will see the page on the right and click the add button on the top. Add the campaign like this:


Fill in the campaignname (* required),then click the save button to save the campaign. Notice: if you do not choose the ,it will create a customerpackage by the , the customerpackage’s name will be the same with the campaign which you has added.

If the CustomerpackageType is individual ,the customerpackage’s Tabletype is individual which has been auto created. If the CustomerpackageType is enterprise ,the customerpackage’s Tabletype is enterprise which has been auto created.

If you do not want to create the customerpackage automatically, you can create the customerpackage before create the campaign.

Choose the survey at ,then the survey will bind with this campaign.

When the customer call in,popup the customer information,we need to controll the display field,so edit the ‘stepOfCampaign’ data in the list:


the editpage like this:

Controll the display field by the ManagementFieldSet button and InterfaceFieldSet button. Click the ManagementFieldSet button to controll the field display in the management. Click the InterfaceFieldSet button to controll the field display in the interface.

If you want to show field but can not edit it ,please check the view checkbox. If you want to show field and can edit the field,please check the edit checkbox.

Step Three :

Make sure your campaign’s CustomerpackageType, if it is individual,you need to add a individual customer in the Outbound Individuals page , if it is enterprise,you you need to add a enterprise customer in the Outbound Enterprises page.

Add a individual customer ,like this :

After completing,click the save button to save the customer.

Step Four:

Need to add a customer for the customerpackage which has been added, because the customerpackage (automatically created or created by yourself) is empty.

Click the data in the list to editpage,like this:

Click the Edit Customer IN CustomerPage , it will show this page:

This page show all the customer in the customerpackage, it dosen’t has customer now ,so we need to add the customer for the customerpackage. Click the add button , it will show the page :

Then add the customer to this customerpackage, select the checkbox and click the confirm button, so the customer will be in the customerpackage, like this:

Step Five:

After create the campaign, need to add the Cvnumber for this campaign,like this:

Fill in like above,then click the save button , then the campaign will have a Cvnumber,so when the customer ‘asterccIndividualCustomer’ call in ,it will popup the campaign ‘stepOfCampaign’ by the Callerid.

All Above:

Set up the above steps, we has create a campaign ‘stepOfCampaign’ which has been binded a survey ‘stepOfPopupSurvey’ and has a Cvnumber ‘asterccCampaignStep’, and the customer ‘asterccIndividualCustomer’ has been added in the campaign’s customerpackage ‘stepOfCampaign’ .

So when the customer asterccIndividualCustomer call in,it will popup the survey stepOfPopupSurvey.

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