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-===== 设置拨入路由 ​=====+===== Site the Inbound Routes ​=====
-<note tip> ​设置拨入路由使用"中继"匹配并且转接 到"分机",转接名称选择"自动匹配"的方式。 </​note>​+<note tip> ​We site the inbound routesTrunk Match to "Trunk" ​which we new aboveTransfer to "Device" ​and Actionid to "Auto Match"。 </​note>​
-以在A上创建拨入路由为例进行演示,点击左侧管理列表[PBX高级管理]->[拨入路由]->[添加]按钮打开拨入路由添加页面如下图+Click [Advanced]->[Inbound Routes]->[Add],open inbound route management pageas following
-<note warning> ​将以上所有设置在B服务器AsterCC系统做相应的配置即可 ​</​note>​+<note warning> ​We must do the same settings on the AsterCC ​system in server B. </​note>​
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