Upload Recording File through Windows Recording

You need a recroding software in the first place. Any software is ok. Here we take Free Sound Recorder for example.

Free download here: http://www.sound-recorder.biz/freesoundrecorder.html

Record with the Free Sound Recorder and upload to the system, which supports one formats: wav(8000KHz,16bit)

Click “Option” to set the format, hot key and other functions of the recording file.

The system supports wav(8000KHz,16bit).

Save and upload your recording.

Configure Sound Files in "SoundFiles"

PBX advanced → SoundFiles

Add the recording file and upload to the system.

The file name is the original name of the file, and you can edit it.

Team name: you can choose a team and only this team can use the file. If no team is chosen, then the file is available to all teams.

After saving, you will see the newly-added file displaying at top of the list. Double-click to edit, and it will be automatically saved when the mouse leaves.

Configure Sound Files in "Announcements"

Now we can annoucement.

PBX advanced → Announcements, and click “Add”

Enter a name for the announcement. Choose a team for its application scope, and do not choose if you want to apply this announcement for all teams. Then click “save”.

Then there will be a “Add Sound” page popping out. Choose sound files for each language.

Configure Sound Files in "Mohs"

The sound files can also be used as music-on-hold.

PBX advanced → Mohs, and click “Add”.

Choose a name for the moh. Identity: enter English here only, for identification from other mohs. Choose a team or many teams for the sound file. The mohs will be palying according to the order of the list.

After adding the music, you can configure it in the “Queue Management”

In the Music on Hold's dropdown menu, you can see all the music files of the team. These can also be applied to the music ring back tone.

Device management → Add Device, and click “Advance”

It is the same as the mohs settings. And the playing order is the same too.

Settings in IVR Management

Now we enter “Ivrs”

Configure the Failedover, and choose one. And the sound file will be played that way.

Record through Telephone

First you need to make sure the softphone is working.

System → Feature Code:

Recording: *63 we turn on the softphone and make sure it's working. Dial *63 and press the call button.

Then you will hear the sound playing: 请在滴声后开始录音,录音完毕请按#号键

You can record now, and press # after finishing recording.

Then you will hear: 收听请按1,保存录音文件请按2,重新录制请按3

Press 1 to listen to this recording. If you want to re-record, press 3. Finally, press 2 to save the sound file, and the sound file will be displayed at top of the list.

: play the sound; : download the sound file.

Follow the setting methods above when use those sound files.

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