In order to meet multilingual needs, we made the installation of new language pack available. Here is the how-to.

In the system management interface, System → Language → Add

Language name: the language you are going to add

Language code: the abbreviation for that language

Login list: whether that language is displayed in the login page

Language note: other explanations

After finishing all those, click “Save”. If you enabled the “Login list”, then the language you added will be shown in the dropdown list in the login page.

Every language has a corresponding language pack. Log in Linux, find astercc directory under var/www/html. You can find Chinese and English pack in “app/locale” under that directory. Find the language you want and download it. Change the pack name into what you are going to use as the language code, and modify all the PO files under the LC_MESSAGES folder of that pack.

Open English PO file in the editor:

What you need to modify is the the information in the double quotation marks of line msgstr. Change it into the newly-added language.

When finished all the changing, put the pack file into /var/www/html/astercc/app/locale. Your system language will be what you have chosen for it.

For instance, if we are going to change the login interface into German, we need to change the PO file in the login file under LC_MESSAGES folder.

When all the fields are changed into new ones, save the PO file. In the login interface, when we choose German we can see as the following shows:

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