• use browser IE(8.0 or above) , Firefox(3.0 or above) or Chrome

Download Latest Firefox Here

  • login with username “demo” and password “demo”, this account is group admin, also we configed lots of privilege for its role.
  • login with username “demo1” and password “demo1”, this account is a regular agent account.

  • after the login,you can see the agent portal page

basic dialin and popup

Dial the nubmer 0086-311-89297355/56/57 with your phone and you will see the different popup pages.

  • click the ICON on left top, get the queue panel and click the checkbox to checkin the queue. The agent is now ready to work (not in pause or ACW).
  • 86-311-89297355 for the campaign to popup (it includes survey and ecommerce module)

customer infomation

contact logs

ecommerce orders


  • 86-311-89297356 for the customer service to popup (it includes the workorders and ecommerce modules)

  • 86-311-89297357 for the virtual office popup

  • when the phone is answered, the agent can use
    • consult
    • end consult
    • conference
    • transfer
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