Put the devices with the same settings in the ring group, and choose a ring strategy of coming-in calls

Add a ringing group

Get in PBX management → Ring group management page to add a ring group.

Open the interface and know about the fields:

Ring group name: give this ring group a name to identitfy it.

Ring group exten: set your extension number for inside calls.

Ring Strategy: When a call comes in, the system will ring according to your setttings of the ring strategy. There are 5 types:

Ring all: all devices ring when a call comes in.

Hunt: when a call comes in, all the devices chosen ring in turn. When the call is answered, the devices will ring in turn again.

Hunt-next: let's say, there are devices: 1004, 1005 etc. When a call came in, 1004 rang, but it wasn't answered, then 1005 rang, then it went in this manner until some device answered the call. If 1005 picked up the phone, when next call comes in, 1006 will ring.

Memory hunt: let's say, again, there are devices: 1004, 1005 etc. When 1004 rang and it wasn't answered, 1004 and 1005 would start to ring. Then it went in this manner, until some device answered it, otherwise all devices would ring.

First available: only the available devices ring.

Ringing time: how long the ring lasts.

Team name: choose the team this ring group is applied to.

Matched last call: whether or not to put throught to the agent who has recently contacted with this customer.

Category name: the music on hold in a team.

Announcement: choose the music when calls coming in.

Caller id: the number prefixed to the calling number.

Caller id name: the name prefixed to the caller id.

Select the devices in the box and click “Right” to put them in the ring group. When calls come in, the system would operate according to the ring strategy.

* items are obliged to fill. Compelete it and click “save”.

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