Incoming configuration, we first need to first add the DID and dial-in routing.

The DID incoming outside line access number, the company announced the telephone number. Add dial-in routing to determine transferred through which number into the specified process in different ways to deal with incoming requests.

Then the last chapter how to configure the relay process, we want to configure inbound, how to make telephone access

First we set up a DID number for the system.


Click the DID manage lists PBX management, open the Add DID interface

An external input an unlisted phone number, select the team belongs to the account, “*” are required options, the information is completed, click [Save] button.

Prompts the data saved successfully saved in the first line of the DID list, double-click the section information to open the editing interface:

All fields double-click can edit the mouse leaves the automatic update to save.

Then we continue to add the dial-in routing.

Add dial-in routing

To open the Manage Lists PBX senior management under the dial-in routing, open the Add Dial-routing interface

Fill in the name of the route, select the team to choose a single match, the DID identification (ID), fill in the DID number, the adapter drop-down list when Dial the system what kind of phone in the DID match, if you choose a ringing group, then the adapter name, select a ring group, select the extension, the adapter name, select an extension.

Relay match to select the relay, the relay name to select you to set a good relay information completed, click [Save] button.

Prompts the data saved successfully saved, the first line of the dial-in routing list, double-click the section to open the editing interface:

All fields double-click can edit, the modification is complete, click [OK] button. Prompted to update successfully

In this way, DID, and dial-in routing added

When the system calls incoming, then the rules have set a good incoming calls into the specified process for calling in to handle.

Is set up, we can test whether the normal incoming

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