In the previous chapter, we introduce how to configure the Xlite softphone. Now we will teach you how to deal with another soft phone, Zoiper.


Click to enter the download interface, find Software supported Windows and other platforms under Zoiper Classic. Then click “Download” button on the right side.

In home page of Zoiper's website,you can choose the language of the site. Click the flag icon on the top right corner, you will find Traditional and Simplified Chinese are both optional.


Double-click Zoiper_Free_2.37_Installer.rar installer

Click Next to continue

Select Agree and Continue

Select the installation directory and continue to

Click the install to complete the automatic installation

Click Finish, zoiper softphone installed.

SIPAccount settings

设置SIP账号,可以点击电话最右端的设置按钮,也可以右击zoiper界面,点击options按钮,选择Add new SIP account

SIP account settings, you can click on the phone right Settings button, you can also right-click the zoiper interface, click the options button, select Add new SIP the account

SIP account that corresponds to the system to add a type of SIP extension device, open the Device Manager page, double-click a device record to open the following interface:

The figure above red font identifies the correspondence between the corresponding item in the device information the zoiper in SIP account settings

Domain:Fill the system IP address

Username:Fill in the identity of the extension

Password:Fill in the password for the extension

Caller ID Name:Fill in the extension number

Click OK to submit set

Submitted as a normal registration, display Registered information

Common functions keys

So soft phone configuration is successful, you can make outgoing calls, incoming and internal calls

Can receive calls from inside the phone, you can also directly dial other extension number, check who's calling

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