Here we are to learn how to add an device and realize inside calls

Add an device

Set the parameter of the device to make sure the device can be connected to the system. The devices are used to register soft phones, answer phone calls and direct-dial ordinary phone calls.

When you finished adding accounts, you can directly add devices for the accounts:

Click “Add Device” to add devices for the account.

Also, you can enter the manage list on the left, click Account and permissions management → Account management, double-click the account to open edit page:

Click “Add device”, entering the PBX management → Device management page, and get in the “Add Device” page to add devices.

You can also click “Add” under the PBX management → Device management to add devices:

Device name: pick a name for this device.

Secret: Set a password for this device; ( When you configure the soft phone, write it in the “password”)

Team: Choose which team this device belongs to;

User name: Choose which user this device belongs to;

Device extensions: set the extension number used in inside calls;

Caller ID: the calling number shown when calling (apply to IP phone)

Caller name: the caller name shown when calling (apply to IP Phone)

Identity: generated automatically, made of team + extension number.( when you configure the soft phone, write it in the “user name”)

* items are obliged to fill, the rest can be filled out when you find it necessary. when you complete, click “Save” button.

After you saved the device information, a yellow prompt will show up, which asks you to reload. Click it and get it reloaded, then the yellow prompt will disappear.

Through these methods, you can add devices. After saving the information, we will see the devices added under the PBX management→ Devices.

Double-click whatever data in the device list to open the edit page. Black font means it is editable, and grey one isn't. When the mouse pointer left, the system will tell you that the information has been successfully saved.

Add blacklist: Click the button and enter the page of editing blacklist.

Enter the number, and click “Add blacklist” button, then the number will be in the following table. All the number in the blacklist cannot be out through to the device.

Add whitelist: Click this button and enter the page of editing white list.

Enter the number, click“Add whitelist” button, then the number will be in the following table. Once you set a white list, only the number in this list can be put through to the device.

Thus, devices have already set up. And when the soft phone are configured, the inside calls can be realized. To enter Configure eyebeam soft phone

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