In the previous sections, we have introduced the basic inbound and outbound configure the call center system, then we work to learn how to add agents to business

Log in during the call related operation, the agent work mode, so for each account to add agenting job number, and set the queue and agent group, agent job number plus extension can be used for agenting page, click to call and receiveACD queue assigned to the call of the agents.

Add Agent

Management list, click on the account and permission management –> Management agents into the agent management page.

Click[Add] button, the agent add:

Seat work: agenting mode, a unique number that identifies the system (queue), the need to set up two more than pure digital extension agent used inside the same or corresponding to the number to manage.

Password: Please use numbers only, password login to use agent mode or use the telephone check-in queue.

Team: Select the agent to which a team;

Users: Select the agent to which a user agent with the user in this project as a one-to-one relationship, the same user can not create multiple agenting.

Extension + extension number: set agenting call the phone is a system extension, outside line number or the agent can set dynamic number. “Extension” option is divided into “static” and “dynamic” extension list will be listed in this agent belongs to the account name for the selected extension.

Status: whether this agent is enabled, if not enabled, account login and can not be checked, page outbound operation.

Role: Role: to choose the role of a permission for the agent, you can decide to use the types of privileges after the agent than the agent's account login.

Agent name: the name of the agent;

E-mail: e-mail address of the agent will

Click the “Advanced information” button, you can fill more agents, all information completed, click on “Save” button

After the save is finished, you can see the newly added data in the agent management page, double-click the data can be edited to modify the operation.

Than add pages, edit pages more than two fields:

Dial-in fee: dial-in calls the cumulative sum;

The new increase in the value of these two fields was in gray can not edit, black font mouse double-click can be modified to automatically save the left of the mouse.

To the edit page button:

Payment: Click on this button will be displayed by the button in front of amount paid to the agent;

View: Click on this button will pop-up financial statistics → agenting accounting log page. Used to view the agenting the accounts; To allocate costs: the allocation of charges accumulated sum;

View the seating group: Will pop up a form to see the agent where the agent group, queue, and call

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