Add account

Next, we are able to set up the accounts, and each of them will play a different role, in order to limit their use of the system's functions.

In manage list on the left, click Accounts and permissions management→ account management, and enter the page shown as below to add an account:

User Name: which may consist of letters, numbers, characters, underscores and @, served as the login user name displayed in the system. Within one team, there should not be any same name. You can not use the system administrator's user name as your user name;

Account code: a string of numbers generated by the system automatically to identify you in the system, which will never change;

Password: The password used to login the system;

E-mail: enter your e-mail address that we can connect with you via it, and the system-related business information will be sent to this mailbox;

Credit limit: the amount of money allowed to exceed;

User type: system administrator, team administrator, or user;

Status: you can choose whether the account is available;

Team: add the account to the team you choose here;

Monitor force: whether to mandatorily record this account, forbidden by default;

Rolename: the account is to be appointed to a certain role, so he will have the rights under this name;

Limittype: non-limit, postpaid or prepaid. Each account will have a certain amount of funds used to call, When money runs out, you can choose whether the calls can still be made or not.

is group admin: there can be a few groups under a team, here this account can be set as the administrator of the group.

* Items are obliged to fill, the rest can be filled out when you find it necessary. when you complete, click “Save” button.

then the guide which will help you build up more devices shows up:

According to your needs, you can now add devices for your accounts.

We will explain how to add devices later.

There will be a yellow prompt which asks you to reload appearing at top of the account management page when you have added an account.

Click the yellow prompt, the system would inform you that it has successfully reloaded, and the yellow prompt would disappear.

We enter the data list, double-click a message and here will pop up an interface, where you can edit on the account.

The information in black means they are editable, and the grey ones are not.

There are two more fields in the edit page than the previous one:

Credit: the total telephone expenses of this account;

Cost: the cost of this account in this system;

Details on the buttons on the edit page:

We added three wizard buttons: view device, add device and add agent

View device: Click it and there pops up an interface:

This interface lists all the devices' brief information under this account. Click ViewDetail to get in the PBX management →device management page, and in the meantime open the edit page of the information, equals to editing a device on the device management page.

Add device: the same as in PBX Management → Device Management page, click the Add button and add an device in this account.

Add agent: the same as in the Accounts and permissions management → Agent management page, click Add button to add an agent in this account.

The table area lists the brief information of all the agents under this account, you can delete it.

Add the account group

The account group is used to help Rate management → Agent incoming call rate management. You can put the accounts with the same policies into a group to unify the charge calculation, which can simplify the management of the numerous accounts and agent rates.

Under the manage list on the left side, click Account and permissions management → Account group management, enter the page as below to add an account group:

Group name: write a name for your group as an identification.

Team name: you can choose which team you belong to. And only the accounts under this team can get in this group.

User name: Click the button “Add account”to enter the page where you can choose the accounts.

The accounts which can be chosen into the group are listed on the left, click the “Right” button to add them into the group. The accounts in the list on the right are those already in the account group, you can click “Left” button to remove them.

When you finished this step, click “Save” button and a new account group is completed. Double-click the information to edit it.

The information in black means they are editable, and the grey ones are not.

The “Edit the account” button means exactly the same as adding accounts. They are all for adding or removing accounts of the group.

At this point, you have already known how to set up a team and an account.

Continue to learn Add the extension

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