Roles Manage

Role is a collection of different privileges, we will assign different privilegesto different roles so that we can manage user easily

Role Page

By default, system provides 4 roles

  • Applicable to systemadmin (has all privileges and it's not editable)
  • Applicable to agent group admin
  • Applicable to agent
  • Applicable to Quality inspecto

Add a role

Click <Add> to create a new role

Add Role Page

mandatory fields

  • name: give it a name to identify it.
  • Type: can be user or agent. User can add or edit account, and agent can add or edit agent data.
  • Privilege:

Click privilege to set privilege to the role, the range of the privilege here can only affect on his user type, for system, team or user himself


  • Memo

Edit a role

Double click the record, you can edit the role:

Edit Role Page

Click <Privilege Setting>, you can change the privilege of the role

Role Pprivilege

Click the bold font, you can hide or show functions for each modules

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