Agent Group

On the left menu, account and permission –>agent to open the agent management page. In the real cases, an agent cannot handle one job alone, so we make an agent group as a unit. We put agents with the same job to one group, and one agent can belong to many groups.

Agent Group

Add agent group

Click Add

Add Agent Group

Mandatory fields

  • Name:name this group
  • Team:to which team this group belongs, and only the agents in that team can be added to the group.

Optional fields

  • Agents in group:【Add agents】to edit the agents in this group.
  • Queue: inbound group needs to set a queue, thus, the customers can call into this group. Similarly, the outbound group need a queue too. We will give more information about queue in the next chapter.
  • Portal:you can customize business interface shown on the agent working screen ( it can tell the agent working time, left tasks, who has been recently contacted…), here enter the URL of this page. If leave this blank, then the agent's screen will show nothing. Here, the system offers a default pattern.
  • Login information: whether to send agent numberm, password or other login information to the other embedded CRM system.
  • Work way:
    • All: all agents in the group can make inbound and outbound calls.
    • Self-selection: agents within this group can selece the working way for herself.
    • Dialin-only:agents can only receive calls and cannot place calls.
    • Dialout-only:agents can only make calls and cannot receive calls.
  • Outbound: (Allowed, Not Allowed) If agent is allowed to make outbound calls (except for numbers in campaign), when it's Not Allowed, agent is only able to dial numbers in his contact history

If agent is working for a campaign, he could dial all the numbers in the campaign even it's “Not Allowed”

  • CF External: Set to Yes if agents are allowed to consult an external number, Set to No if agents are only allowed to consult other agents
  • ACW: After call work, means when an agent finishes a call, it will automatically enter ACW status, while the group he belongs will not give him any call. The agent can deal with data during this time before he turns into idle status.
    • Disabled: it won't enter ACW automatically.
    • Ring: regardless of whether get through, it enters ACW after ring.
    • Answered: it only enters ACW when the call is answered.
    • Optional: Agent could change his ACW policy
  • Open Virtual Office Tab: When set to Yes, system will open virtual office page, this is useful only when agent is working as virtual office agent
  • Auto Pause: When Yes, if one agent missed a call, the agent will get paused automaticly

  • Static+Online: Agent doesn't need to login, but he has to use web portal to work
  • Static+Offline: Agent doesn't need to login, but it's not mandatory to use portal to work
  • Dynamic+Online: Agent needs to login(via portal or phone), and he has to use web portal
  • Dynamic+Offline: Agent needs to login(via portal or phone), but it's not mandatory to use portal to work

Edit Agent group

  • Double click to edit an agent group

Edit Agent Group

Add Agent For Group

Group has the following privileges by default

  • get rid of error calls
  • live monitor
  • spy, barge-in, whisper …
  • predictive dialer controler (need campaign and dialer module)

  • [Agents in Group] click the button, it will go to User → Agents, list all the agents in this group.

Agent In Group

Apply Changes

When some changes are made, you will see a yellow bar on the top, means you need to apply the changes to the system.

Queue Reload Tip

Click the bar, you will see “Reload Success”, which means the setting is applied.

Reload Success

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