Account Groups

On the left menu,Account and authorization –> account groups,

Account Group Page

Add account groups

Account groups are for helping Rate→Agent rate to manage the rate. We put accounts with the same policy into a group, and bill them altogether. Click Add and the page pops up.

Add Account Group

Mandatory Fields

  • Name: to identity the group;
  • Team:Set which team this account belongs to, and only the accounts under this team can be added into the group;
  • Account:Click this botton to open the select page.

Account Group Page|

Accounts can be added are on the left, and accounts already in the group are on the right.

Tick the accounts you would like to add/remove, and drag them leftwords or rightwords.

As shown in the picture, the red process is add to the group, and blue one is to remove the accounts from the group.

And click save to save the result.

Optionary fields

  • Outbound route:Choose whether this group need a outbound route.
  • Memo:to add memo about this group.

Save and a new account group has been set up.

Edit account group

In the edit account page, double click a piece of account group information and edit it. Edit Account Group Page|

Fields in black are editable, and fields in grey can not be edited.

“Edit account” is the same as adding process, to add accounts to or remove them from the group.

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