Account management

Account is the basic unit of system user, and we can define different authorization type by setting different account type and role.

On the left list, Account and authorization –> Account management, we can see the list of accounts which already exist in the system.

Account Page

Add user

Click Add and open the account add page.

Add Account

Mandatory fields

  • Username:the name consists of letters, numbers,chinese characters, underline, and @. And the name is used as login name and the name shown in the system, and cannot be repeated. You cannot use the system administrator user as the name here.
  • Password: Set the login password.
  • Account code:Automatically generated by the system, and not changeable, to identify you in the system;
  • Last name:The last name of the agent;
  • Email: Enter one of your emails, and the related business information will be sent to this email address.
  • Credit limit:the limit ot overrun;
  • Status:whether to enable this account;
  • Monitor force:Whether to record this account, disabled by default.
  • Limit Type: No limit, Prepaid, Postpaid
    • Each account has a certain amount of money to call, when the money is used up, whether the account can continue making calls depends on this field.
    • No limit,
    • Post pay,when the money runs out, allows the account to continue calling, but cannot exceed the limit.
    • Prepay,the account cannot make calls when the money runs out. You need to pay first.
  • ExportTime Limit:When excute the export task, whether this account is limited by the time the system set.
  • Purview:System admin, team admin or user.
    • System admin, the highest level, can manage the whole system and all users.
    • Team admin,can manage the whole team.
    • User: has to choose its role and team it belongs to.
  • Role: give the account a role, and he will pocess all the permission of this role.

Optional fields

  • First name: the first name of the agent
  • Credit limit:After choose afterpay or prepay, you need to enter the limit to overrun.
  • Team:Add this account to the team you choose, and only enable this when it is used by team adnimistrator or users.
  • Account group admin:there can be many account groups under a team, and here we can set this account as the administrator of this group. Only when the account type is user is necessary.


  • Inbound credit:When we setagentrates for agents, this field shows the add-up inbound calls rate generated.
  • Picture:upload a photo of this agent.
  • Credit:the add-up phone bill of this account;
  • Cost: the cost of this account generated in the system

User Advanced

Click save to add this message, and the page for adding a device for this account shows up,

Add Device

Now we can add devices for this account (details in the next chapter)

When the account is added, and if you choose to continue adding, and a yellow banner shows and requires a reload. Reload

Click the banner, and the system shows reload succeeded. The banner disappears and give the information:

Reload Success

Edit account

According to the frequency of use, we have 3 wizard button for account type user: view device, add device, and config device. And other account types do not have them.

View device:

View Device

This page requires all device brief information under this account. Click View detail, the page will turn to PBX→device, and edit page of this message will be opened. It is like editing the device in the device management page.

Add Device: same as click Add in PBX→ Device and add devices to this account.

Add Device

Config Device: Same as click Add in Account and Permission → Agent Management and add devices to this account.

Config Agent

In the table there is brief information of all agents, you can delete it here.

Black list: open the black list edit page


Entering the number, and click Add Blacklist, and the number will be shown below. All the numbers in the black list cannot call into this account.

White list: open the white list edit page


Entering the number, and click Add Whitelist, and the number will be shown below. Once you set the white list, all the numbers not in the white list cannot call into this account.

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