Device Rate

The Fucntion of Device Rate

Except for billing the device's outbounding calls, it also selects trunk. The rate matching rule divides calls into corresponding trunks.

The order of trunk select:

  1. account-level rate match
  2. team-level rate match
  3. system-level rate match

The order of rate match under the same rate level:

  1. Prefix and length at the same time
  2. Length match
  3. Prefix match
  4. Default rate match

Click Rate–> Device rate, and it shows all device rate.

  • Login as the administrator, you will see all device rates under the team and the default device rate.
  • The default rate is read only to the team.

Add device rate

Click [Add] to enter the add rate page.

Add Device Rate

Required fields

  • Prefix:the prefix of the called number which matches this rate. E.g., “0” for domestic long-distant dials, “00” for international numbers, “001” for Amrican numbers, “default” for any number.
  • Rate: rate per minute
  • Billing block: how often it bills, say the billing block is 60, means system will bill as 60 seconds even the call last 1 second.
  • Status: if the rate is in use
  • Length:We can rule by setting the length of the number, and “0” for no restriction.

Optional fields

  • Destination: name this rate, for example “local calls”, “long distant calls” or “American”
  • Connect charge: the rate once the call is connected
  • Init block: the duration for the connect charge
  • Team: the team this rate applies to. If leave it blank, this rate would apply to all teams. And during use, the system would priorly find the assigned rate of the team, and if nothing is found, then it will search for the unassigned rate.
  • Group: which group the changed rate applied to, if leave it unchosen, it means this rate will be applied to all groups.
  • Trunk: the name of the trunk this rate applies to

  • When add device rate, if do not choose a group, this rate will be applied to all groups.
  • If the length is 0, it means it matches all lengths.
  • Entering default in the prefix means it matches all prefix.

Edit device rate

Double click the rate to open the edit page.

Edit Device Rate

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