Agent rate

Agent rate is to bill the length of the agent answering incoming calls, thus no prefix and number length. By setting the agent inbound rate, every call an agent answered will gain the agent corresponding payment. This function is often used to carculate the payment of part-time agents.

Click Rate–> Agent rate, entering the following page.

Agent Rate Page

Add agent rate

Click [Add] to open the agent rate page.

Add Agent Rate Page

Required field

  • Billing block:how often it bills

Optional fields

  • Destination: name this rate, for example “local calls”, “long distant calls” or “American”
  • Connect charge: the rate once the call is connected
  • Init block: the duration for the connect charge
  • Rate: rate per minute
  • Status: enable or disable the rate control
  • Team: the team this rate applies to. If leave it blank, this rate would apply to all teams. And during use, the system would priorly find the assigned rate of the team, and if nothing is found, then it will search for the unassigned rate.
  • Agent group: Where the agent rate is based on agent group, that is, different groups have different rates.
  • Agent: You can also bill one or some specific agents in a group. Leaving it unchosen means it applies to the whole group.

Edit agent rate

Click [Save] when finishing the page, the it will show the newly added data on the page. You can double click the field to re-open the edit page and edit them.

Edit Agent Rate Page

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