On the left menu, click PBX–> Voicemail, and enter the following page,

Voicemail Page

In this page, you can manage this voicemail in the system. The voicemails are listed in reverse-chronological order of the messages.

Module: Listen to the voicemail message. If someone left you a message, you can hear it in this page.

Team, Device: To which device of which team the message is left.

Contact: Who leaves this message.

Created time: Time the voicemail creates.

File name: The name of the voicemail in the system.

The voicemails are stored in server: /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/团队标识/分机号码/INBOX/

Click Listen Voicemail to listen to the voicemail online;

Click Download Voicemail to download the voicemail;

Click Delete Voicemail to delete the message.

Whether you can leave a device a message depends on whether this device has enabled Voicemail status.

when you select Templpate in Team→ Advanced, VM Sender, and when the system gets new voicemail, it will be sent to the set email address of the device as an email.

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