In asterCC system, we have many object, like device, IVR, ring group, queue, etc., to reach each object via your phone, you need config a extension number, like extension number of astercc-5000 is 5000, means you can dial 5000 to reach this device.

One object could have more than one extension number

On the left menu, click PBX–> Extensions, and enter the page below

Extension Page

The data in the page come from



【Ring group】



【short key】


【System application】

In this page you can set extension number for the modules above. Click【Add】 to open the adding page,

Add Extension

Extension: add extension number for inside calls.

Team: which team this extension nubmer belongs to.

Target: the target module.

Target ID: the corresponding data.

Then Click [Save], and you can see the newly added information shown in this page.

Extension Data

【Number Duplication】Related to both extension number and team. If one shares the same of the both, the system will note you the number duplication.

【Data Delete】In the extension page, you can delete the number added to the module here, and for those data that were not added in this page, it will jump to the corrsponding module, and you can delete the data in that page.

Double click the item to enter the edit page.

Edit Extension

In the sub-edit page, data in grey means unchangeble, and only extension numbers can be changed. And if duplicated number appears, the system will note you.

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