On the left menu, select PBX–> DID groups to enter the page below.

Didgroup Page

Module Function: To build or edit a DID group, and to gather the DIDs of the same type.

Click [Add] to open the DID group add page.

Add Didgroup

Group name: Set a name for this DID group to identity its function and role.

Team: Which team this group belongs to

Match type: either number match or prefix match.

List:set the matching number or prefix in this team, distinguish them by line-feeds.

Click [Save] to save the data. In the DID group page you can see the newly added data.

Didgroup Data

Double click the data to re-open the editing page to edit the data.

Edit Didgroup

Click Didgroup Detail to open the following window

Didgroup Detail Page

This page shows all the routes about this DID group. Click each [Detail] to switch to the incoming route page, this can be used for searching DID in the incoming route page.

Click Did In DID Group and the browser will pop up a new tab to show all the DIDs under this group, this can be used for searching DID in the DID page.

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