DID, direct inward dial, is the number that customers dial. The function of DID in the system is to make different incoming routes by recognising DID number. For example, it can directly call a device, a ring group, or enter an IVR or a queue.


On the left menu, Click PBX → DID, entering the management page, and click [Add] to open the following window,


Required fields

  • DID Number: Set a DID number.
  • Team: Every DID number has to belong to a team.

Optional fields

  • Account: Which account this DID number is using ( after selecting, all of the devices under this account will be listed)
  • Device name: In the account you have chosen, pick a device, and after that, when the DID is dialed, the system will automatically route the call to this device without the need of an extra route setting.
  • DID group: Which group this DID is assigned to.
  • Status: Whether to enable this DID.
  • DID memo: To describe this DID number.

Putting DID under an account makes it convenient to bill the incoming calls

DID Page List

  • When the DID is assigned to an account, the system will automatically check whether other DID has been binded with this account. And differnet instructions will show up to avoid the mess that one account is binded with multiple DID.

Account Not Use

Account In Use

Edit DID

Double click the item to open the DID editing window.

Edit DID

Click [Detail] to see the condition of DID in the incoming route.

DID Detail

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