Device management

:This is used to manage all devices in the system, devices including:

  • (DAHDI)
  • SIP,IAX2,MGCP via internet
  • or any telephone (outside line) which can also be one device of the system.

Module function: Add and set the device parameters, and make sure the devices are connected to the system.

Add device

On the left menu, Click PBX → Device management, click [Add] to open the device add page.

Add Device

Rquired fields

  • Device name:the name of the device, you can enter anyname;
  • Ext. No.: the internal number of the extension, used for internal calls. Inside a team, same number cannot be repeated.
  • username: the system automatically this username automatically, the fomat is team identification- ext. no., e.g., astercc-5000 (when configuring the softphone, in account and authentication username shall enter this(在配置软电话时,用户名和鉴权用户名将填写此项))
  • Secret: enter a password for the device. (when configuring the softphone, enter this in the password.)
  • Team: select a team the device delongs to
  • Account:choose the account the the device is under, the number in the bracket is the number of the already existing devices.
  • Device type: four types:(SIP, IAX2, MGCP,DADHI and outside line devices)

Outside line devices can only answer calls inside the system, but cannot place calls

  • Status: whether to enable this device
  • Template:The parameter template the device uses. Using template can help us batch adjust the parameter of devices quickly;
  • Allow dial: whether allow the device to dial the number outside the system.

When you choose external in the device type, the system will show the field requiring external number to be entered

External Device

Optional fields

  • CID number: set the CID number (internal calls)
  • CID name: set the CID name(internal calls,only IP phones support CID name)
  • Time out: calling a device and it is not answered within this time, then the call is failed.


Device Advanced

  • OCID NUM: set the OCID number (outside calls);
  • OCID Name: set the OCID name (outside lines, only support IP lines);
  • DND: whether to enable the DND function of this device;
  • Recording: whther to enable the recording function of this device;
  • Voice mail:whether to enable the voice mail function;
  • voicemail box password: put a pin to access your voice mail box
  • Voicemail Email:the voice mail will be sent to this email box
  • Host: When you set this, only the devices of this address can register (limited to internet devices);
  • Is Trunk: Whether to assign an outbound trunk to this device;
  • Call pick: the range of call picks
    • Group Agents can only pick calls from the same group;
    • Team Agents can pick the calls from the same team.
  • Ringback music: the music the customer hear when he calls in and waits to be picked up.
  • Device detail: for some customised configuration.
  • Agent Mode:
  • MAC Address:

Edit the device

In the device list, double click a device to open the edit window:

Edit Device

Add Blacklist

  • Black list: set a list of numbers which are not able to get through to this device.

Add Whitelist

  • White list: set a list of numbers and only the numbers on the list can call in.


After saving the device information, a yellow banner shows up and asks for apply. Click it and make the set take effect.


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