Module function: to release notices ( automatially generate html page) and can define the range of visibility to accounts.



Title: The title of the notice

Status: the status of the notice, including open,stick, disable; can also be seen as the level of the notice.

Disable: nobody can read the notice

Opne, anyone within the range can see this notice; notices of this status are listed reverse chronologically.

Stick, the notice will always show up at top, if you have more than one sticked notice, it will sort by publish date

Target, Team, Group: for selecting the accounts that can see the notice in the system.

Choose team only and no group means the whole team can see this notice.

Choose a team and a group and no account means the whole group can see this notice.

No team and group has been chosen means all accounts in the system can see this notice.

Drag the accounts on the left to the right to give them the permission to the notice.


html editor is used for writing notices. The system will help you generate the html page.


The effect when you edit is the effect will be shown on the web page.

When the notice is released or stick, the system will push messages to the responding accounts that new notices have come out.


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