Mail server

When the system or team has set a valid email account, and astercc system will send emails out of this email address.

This is used in Send in bulk, Agent Message, Invoice, Work Order etc.

Message–> Mail server to enter the page below.


Click [Add] to open the mail server add page.

Team: If you do not choose a team, this mail server will be used to send emails at system level. If you assign a team, this team will be using this email address to send emails.

Server type: SMTP. Reliable. If your email address has not been blacklisted by the service provider, all emails can be sent. Setting this kind of emails needs account and password. When the system sends emails, it will submit review to the service provider, after passed, the emails will be sent. ( You can understand this way: someone login your email with your account and password and send an email )

Local host. Unreliable, but easily set. Enter an email address randomly, even if it dose not belong to you. Emails can be sent by the name of that address.

If the email suffix ( content after @)you enter dismatch your server and SMTP server, the email basically cannot be sent successfully. ( QQ mail, 163 mail are most likely to be rejected, gmail can send successfully sometime.)

Mode:After created, whether the email will be sent immediately or enter the background for Daemon.

Php, means send immediately. When created the email, choose this kinds of email server, click [send]. The system will send this email immediately, and now you need to wait for the result (successful or fail). According to the result the system will show an archives journal (successful) or a due out message journal (fail). The advantage of this mode is to send one email immediately without waiting for the process. The disadvantage is that you need to wait for the result which can take long.

Daemon, same spped as php. This mode process a batch of emails every minute, and you do not need to wait for the results. That agents create the email and click send equals saving a due out journal in the system, and the emails will be sent according to the journal.

When send a large volume of emails, we recommend you use Daemon mode.

Hostname: If you have an email account, we call 163 mail the host, aka the service provider.

You can enter anything here for identity the source or purpose of this email. Thus, agents will be aware of which mail server is to choose.

Host IP:The server IP of the service porvider. For instance, you want to send emails with you gmail account, you should enter For other host ip, please consult the provider.

SMTP port: the SMTP port. Gmail enter 465. For others, please consult the provider.

From: Your email address, that is, from which address will the emails be sent. E.g.,

Default: to tell the system which server will be used when sending emails. Each team can only have one default server ( servers with no team selected can only have one default server, too)

Like when system send bills at fixed period, we would use the system default server. When the work order changes, we use default server to send to the cc.

When send mail manually, sender can choose which mail server to use, default means to use this mail server when no one is choosen.

Status:Only when it is available can this server be selected by the sender. Similarly, only available server can be used when the system sends emails.

SSL:SSL is a network communication safety protocol. This shall be writen by the provider. Mostly, we choose no, but if you use gmail, please choose yes here.

User name, password: When you choose Server type=SMTP, please enter the use name and password of your (sender's) email address.

According to different requirement of providers, user names can be different.

If you use gmail and the email address is, you need to enter in the user name;

If you use 163 email, your address is, you need to enter menglj in the user name.

For others please consult providers.

Enter the password to yo email account here.

When server type= php, username and password are not neccessary.

Test connect:Finishing all and click [Test connect] (aims at Sever type= SMTP), when you see the red tips saying: connect success! , the server works, otherwise the server cannot send emails.

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