Batch contacts management

The process that operators send SMS or email in the system is the starting a send task, and batch processing. Therefore th working efficiency will be increased and the waiting time of staff will be decreased during the sending process.

Unprocessed tasks and tasks unsuccessfully processed ( can be searched with status field ) will be listed on the batch contacts page. You can see this page as a joural list.

What data are on the batch contacts page?

1. unprocessed SMS and email

2. SMS and email being sending

3. SMS and email failed to send

You can search with the status field to see the data that are of the same type.

If the SMS or the email has been sent successfully, then the system will transfer the data from this page to Archives.

Double the message in the list to edit the message.

You can modify the data of the failed message, and change the status into “New”, and the system will try to send it again.

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