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模块功能Module Function: for checking the event log of agent work, and the main events cantain:(振铃ring,应答pick up,挂断hang up,会议conference,来电incoming call,通话暂停call pause,通话继续call resume,签入check in,签出check out,暂停pause,取消暂停cancel pause,关闭自动事后close AWC,振铃事后ring AWC,应答事后answer AWC,init,开始事后start AWC,结束事后end AWC,锁屏screen lock,解除锁屏close screen lock,呼入呼出工作模式,仅呼入工作模式call in only,仅呼出工作模式call out only,预拨号客户振铃,预拨号客户应答,预拨号坐席应答,预拨号进入目标,开始,结束,输入,失败)。

Team, group, agent no.: to identify the event belongs to which agent under which team and group.

Active Num.: to show the source number of this call, the agent number or the customer number.

Source:The source of this event(caller customer主叫客户, agent坐席, consulting party咨询方,被叫客户,call finish通话完成, dialer预拨号, voice service语音服务)

Event:to show what events happened(振铃,应答,挂断,会议,来电,通话暂停,通话继续,签入,签出,暂停,取消暂停,关闭自动事后,振铃事后,应答事后,init,开始事后,结束事后,锁屏,解除锁屏,呼入呼出工作模式,仅呼入工作模式,仅呼出工作模式,预拨号客户振铃,预拨号客户应答,预拨号坐席应答,预拨号进入目标,开始,结束,输入,失败)。

Unique id:to show the ip the agent uses when performs this act.

描 述description:to give reasons for the log off/check out (normal check out, forced check out due to time out or system background operation)

Created:the time the log has been created

Example: a check out log like this one below

Agent logoff

Agent 2018 performed a normal check out, the ip is

Example:a call log like this one below

Agent Ring

At XXX (time), customer whose phone number is 5001 called in and it rang agent 2018.

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