• To add new customer fields, we can go to Customer → Customization to add or edit customer information
  • In this page, we can customize individual or organization main table, or individual customer package

  • You can also edit/delete/export customized fields


  • Team: mandatory, you need to select which team you want to add this field to
  • Table:
    • Individual: customer package type is individual
    • Organization: customer package type is organization
  • Customer Package:
    • select if you only want to add this field to specific customer package
    • if you don't select any customer package, this field will be add to main customer package and all new customer packages.

FAQ: I have a package A, now I want to add a new field “level” into it, and I want system create this field for all new packages, in this case, we need to create two customization

1st, we select package A, add a “level” field

2nd, we don't select any package, add a “level” field, so all new packages have this field

  • Type
    • Input: for shot information
    • select: drop down menu
      • Select Can Enter: When the type is select, besides select from drop down menu, if it's allowed to enter information

  • Selectoption: When the type is select, you can put user selection, separated with comma ,

  • integer: integer number
  • text: for memo

  • upload: for upload files, images

  • date: year, month and day

  • datetime: year, month, day, hour, minute and second

  • relate: for country/province/city

  • Identity: need to be unique in the package and english letters only, will be used as column name for database
  • Display As: what we will see

How to use relate field

  • Let's say you want to add relationship field for country, province and city
  • first we need to put three fields name into Identity, separated with comma(,)

  • put three Display As, separated with comma(,)

  • select input method for relate field
    • textarea: you can put the data from the page
    • upload: you can upload a txt file which include all information


  • Double click to open a customization record

  • When the field is grey, means it's not editable

  • If you didn't select any customer package when you created, you are not allowed to change this
  • If you select customer packages, when you edit, you are only allowed to add more customer package, and you are not allowed to de-select

  • When type is input or select, you can change it to select or input


  • For customer service module, you can go to Customer → Custom Fields to adjust display order, hide a field or change user permission

  • For campaigns, you can go to Campaign → Campaign, background field and agent field to change

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