QC Scores

Go to leftmenu campaign –> QC Scores,open the page

QC Scores Page

Click the [Add] button,open the QC Scores' add page,add one score.

Add QC Scores

Team:optional,do note select the team,it will effect all the team.On the Quality Contol page,all the team's quality inspector will see this score.

Campaign:If choose one campaign,the score will effect this campaign,the quality inspector will see this score when quality the chosen campaign.

Operate: include `Add` and `Reduce`.Generally,all the scores will be belonged to one operate,should not add the duplicate scores for two different operation.

Score:just for number,it will be used to add or reduce scores.

Desc.:the description of this score,give the resion.

Finished,click the save button.Then go to the QC Control to see whether the score is used.

QC Scores

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