Click [ Campaign ]→[CDRs],you can open the page and view the call detail record(CDRs) of campaigns by change the select on top

You can check the CDRs( eg:Src,Dst,Start Time(ringing),Answer Time(answered),End Time,Duration(End Time-Start Time),Billsec(End Time-Answer Time),Agent NO.,Disposition(Answered or not),Record Mark )。

Click Play Record button,you can listen this CDRs;

Click Download button,you can download the record file of CDRs;

How to Bulk Export Recording

You should searching the CDRs according to conditions first,then set the exporting type to “Recordings”,export the recording of CDRs via clicking the [Export] button.

After clicking [Export] button,the system settings of original recording will popup.

The default setting don't delete the original recordings after exported.You also can delete them after exporting if the space of server isn't enough.

The original recording files will be deleted if you choose “Delete”.

After clicking the [OK] button,the system will jar recordings to a package on the background,then it give you a task name to downloading the recordings.

Two ways to download the recordings:

1、If you set the “Monitor WebDownload” option under [System]→[Settings]→[ADVANCED SETTINGS SYSTEM] to “Yes”,you can download the recording jar in [Call Center]→[Shell Exports]→[Export Jobs] on Web,you can find the jobs according to the name above.

2、You also use ftp tools,enter the /var/www/html/astercc/data/monitor_download directory,you can find the recording file named suffix with “tar.gz”.

Fields Introduction

Campaign:The calls from which campaigns.

Customer Name:The name of customer in customer information.

Src:The phone number of caller of this call.

Dst:The phone number of callee of this call.

Diallog ID:It is used to identity a session,it is unique in one system.

Created:It record the creation time of session,or processing time of session,sometimes it usually mark the call's starting time,it also record the saving customer information from agent,it will be the earliest time among these time,this value is little useful in our actual business.

Start Time:The starting time of call.

End Time:The ending time of call.

Dialer Starttime:The time of dialing when via the predictive-dialer.

Answer Time:The answering time of callee,it is different from “Agent Answer”.

Agent Answer:Only using predictive-dialer,it isn't null,otherwise is:0000-00-00 00:00:00。

CallPath:It is the processing of calls,eg:entersystem,queue3,AGENT:8000,it means that the call enter the astercc system,then transfer to the agent from queue.

Duration:The total duration which includes the ringing time.

Billsec:The duration between answer time and end time.

Dialer Duration:It is effective only using predictive-dialer,it is the total duration which includes the ringing time when using predictive-dialer.If you dialing manually,it is equal to:00:00:00.

Dialer Target:The calls arrive the first target after entering the astercc system,for example:queue,IVR,device and so on.

Target Exten:The extensions' number of “Target”,eg:the device's Exten is:5000,5001,…;the queue Exten is 600,601,…。

Disposition:To mark the status of calls,whether ANSWERED or NOANSWERED.

Call Type:The type of calls,include DialIn and DialOut.

Status:The customer status of this call number.

Dialers Status:The status of calling when it is end,eg:Open,Agent Answered,Call Callee,Agent Failed,and so on.

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