Data Monitors

Function:can view the detail of campaign by this page

Go to leftmenu campaign –> Data Monitors,open the page

Data Monitors Page

select the campaign's multi checkbox,can choose the campaign to view the details of chosen campaign.

choose the `Customer visist` campaign

View Detail Of Campaign

If want to choose many campaigns,every campaign will be individed into line to show the detail

Customer Total: the total in the customerpackage of current campaign

Import Total: the number of customers in the customerpackage by import

Dialed Total: the number of customers had been dialed

Success Total: the number of customers' status is `successclosed` which had been dialed

Undialed Total: the number of customers have not been dialed

Diallist Total: the number of customers in the campaign diallist belong to the current campaign.If the campaign disabled the dialer,it will show 0.

Last Recover Date:the time which last recovered customer for the campaign diallist

Revocer Count:recover customer count

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