Pause Cause

Pause Page

When the agent is pausing or paused by groupadmin,it should fill in the reason of pause. At the same time,the pause time should be counted in Statistics Module. The system don't permit adding、updating or deleting.


Edit Pause

Reason: The reason of pausing.

Team: It belongs to all system while a team default,so it can be used no matter agent or groupadmin.

Status: Enable or Disable this reason of pause.

Group Admin Approval: If “yes”,the agent need to enter the group password to verify the administrator's account when he need pause,only pass the verification,the agent can be paused.

Memo: Explain the reason of pause.

The textarea rectangle will appear,when agent's pause reason choosed to be “Other”.

Other Pause

The Agents' working Page

Pause On The Agent Work Portal Page

If the agent need to pause,he just click the pause button which on the top of working page,then choose “Option” and “Reason”,if it need verification of group admin,you can see as follows:

The Pause Need To Audit By Group Admin

only input the correct account and password,the pause will be executed.

The Live Monitor Page

The group administrator can not only monitor real-time,but also force pause to agents. It also need choose a reason,but needn't input admin‘s account and password.

Use Pause In The Realtime

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