• Make sure you select the team you want to import the data to
  • click “Click to Upload” button, system support csv or xls file, make sure it's UTF-8 when using csv file
  • after uploading finished, it will appear the file information on right panel, if you want to upload another file, just click the “delete” link

  • On right panel, it will give you the first 10 records in the file
  • Select which table you want to import the file to, including
    • mass target customer table – used for batch email & sms
    • individual customer table – main table for individual customers
    • organization customer table – main table for organization customers
    • campaign blacklist – a Do Not Call list for campaigns
    • area code – used to put some information based on phone prefix, list phone area, timezone, etc
    • DID – to import did numbers
    • black list – numbers you don't want them to dial in
    • white list – numbers you only want them to dial in
    • campaign customers


  • After importing, select the table your want to import to, system will try to match the header

  • If the header doesn't match, you can change it manually

  • System gives the option to set a import time and remove top records

If your import job is not processed in 1 minute, please make sure your server time is correct

  • You can go to Call Center → Shell Jobs to check import process

  • Click [Import], you probably see this alert

Import Not Match

  • You see the alert because the file name doesn't match the customer package name, it's to avoid the import mistake between the file and the customer package
  • If you are sure all are good, click [OK] to continue

Import Created Plan

  • System will give you the ID of the job, go to call_centershell_jobs, you can see all import process, when status is “close”, means the job is done.
  • In this page, you can download
    • Success Data
    • Error Data
    • Duplicated Data
    • Original Data
  • When there're duplicated records or error records, you can download the file to check what's wrong.

Import & Start

  • From version 2.1, we provide a new features named “Import & Start”, for a new campaign or new main table, system will create all fields based on the file you import, you don't need to set customized fields and change orders any more.

  • Click “Import & Start”, you will see system will create the fields based on the header

  • In your header, it will try to match some special fields, you can adjust if it's wrong
    • Email – show email icon
    • Phone – show click to call icon and sms icon
    • Fax – show fax icon
    • Address – show map icon
  • Go to Campaign → Campaign to adjust agent view if you want

  • Login as agent, check the customer information, you will see it's exactly same as the data you imported

  • When you try to import another file to same campaign, you will see the header will match by itself

Options when import to customer package

  • Reset Customer Status
    • When set to Yes, if the customer is duplicated, their status will be reset to New
  • Customer Duplicate
    • Skip: Don't insert if duplicated customer found
    • Update: Update customer information if duplicated customer found

Options when using predictive dialer

  • When the campaign is using predictive dialer, it would have another line for dialer
  • Pre dialing Phone field: the number you want to import to predictive dialer list
  • Dialer Priority: customer priority in predictive dialer
  • Dialer Scheduler: time to dial

  • Reset Agent
    • duplicated customers will get un-assigned
  • Import to diallist when duplicated
    • Ignore duplicated: don't import if duplicated found
    • All: import to dial list any way
    • Ignore success: don't import if duplicated found and customer status is success
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