Area Code

Click [Call Center]→[Area Code],you can enter the page of area's code.The area is assigned with leading digits of the telephone number,also we can import the area list via [Call Center]→[ Import ]

Area Code


Click [Add],you will open the adding page of area code:

Add Area Code

  • Area Code:The leading digits of the telephone number.
  • Country:The country of the telephone number.
  • Province:The province of the telephone number.
  • City:The city of the telephone number.
  • Numtype:The type of telephone number,include:Fixed,China Mobile,China Telecom and China Unicom.


We also edit the data by Double-click it,as follows:

Edit Area Code


If you want delete all message of area code,just click the [Truncate] button.

Truncate Tip

The prompt which execute clear up the table via clicking “OK” empty will pop up after clicked [Truncate] button.

Display on Agent Page

Display on Customer Service

After completed the adding of area code,“The Number Attribution” will appear if the calls dialing into agent,as shown below:

Display on Campaigns

The Number Attribution appears on the top of customers' information when agent dial out by button or device,as shown below:

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