On the leftmenu,click Advanced –> Whitelists,opent the page.

Whitelist Page

Function:Just only allow the number to dialin.Once a white list is set, the numbers which are not on the list cannot dial to the target

If set the whitelist,the number except the whitelist can not dialin the system

Add Whitelists

Click the [Add] button,open the add page.

Add Whitelist Page

  • CIDNum:Which number need to be in the whitelist.
  • Team:Which team is the whitelist belongs to.
  • Account:Not required,If only the team,it will work under the team.If choose one account,it will work under the account
  • Device:Not required,If choose one,the whitelist will work under the device.
  • Status:whether the whitelist can be used.

After finished the data,you can click the [Save] button to save the data.Then you can see the data shown in the list.

Whitelist List

Edit Whitelist

Click the data,can open the edit page,then update the data.

Edit Whitelist Page

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