Trunk Group

On the leftmenu,[ Advanced ]→[Trunk Groups],open the page

Module function: put trunks together, easy to configure and manage.


Cilck add to open the trunk group add page.

Name: Name this trunk group.

Team: to which team this trunk group belongs.

Stategy: The strategy this trunk group uses: priority, random, hunt

Blacklist: numbers in the blacklist cannot get through the trunk.

Whitelist: once set the trunk group, only the numbers in the whitelist can get through the trunk.

Tick the trunks on the left and add them to the right. Click save and see the newly added data.


Double click the item to open the edit page.

Move the trunk from left to right to add to the trunk group.

Move the trunk from right to left to remove it from the trunk group.

And remember to click save.

Add trunkgroup rule

Click edit rule.

Trunkgroup name: to which trunkgroup the rule is going to be added.

Trunk: you can select a trunk under this group.

Status: enable, disabled, refust

Prefix: it will match the rule when they have same prefix

Length: it will match the rule when it match the length

Remove prefix: remove the prefix if it match the rule

Add Prefix add a prefix if it match the rule

Click “Ok” to save the rule

The matching priority of fields in Rule is:Ori. Prefix > Ori. Length > Trunk Name > Match Type

The priority of fields in “Match Type” is:Callee Prefix > Callee Area > Callerid Prefix > Callerid Area

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