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Outbound route

Menu on the left, PBX → Outbound route,

Oroute Page

Module function: for the account group. You can handle outbound requests in different ways for different account range (account group)


Click add to open the outbound route adding page.

Add Oroute Page

Name:name this route

Team: to which team this route belongs.

Click save and you can see the data on the outbound route page.


Double click the item to open the edit page.

Edit Oroute Page

Edit rules

Open the route rule edit page.

Edit Iroute Rule

Ori. Prefix: for number match, and best match the one, if cannot match, choose “default”.

Length: Set the length of the number to distinguish the number with the same prefix and different length.

Transfer: what to do after match

  • Outbound: make outbound calls directly.
  • Ring group
  • Queue
  • IVR
  • End

Action ID: According the different transfer destination, offer different lists (ringgroup,queue or IVR)

Remove prefix:set a prefix, remove this prefix before matching the number.

Add prefix:set a prefix, add this prefix before matching the number.

Click save and th new added rule will be shown on the table below.

Edit Iroute Rule List

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